It is the goal and intent of this site to protect any and all personal information stored on this site.

At no time will we sell or trade any personal user information for any reason, this includes to our sponsors and partners.

By using this site you understand that information can be stolen by means of hacking, cracking, or intercepting. At no time should you input information on this site that can put you at risk, this includes but is not limited to home/work address, phone numbers, ect. Even though this site allows for information to be entered into fields defined as "Does not appear on profile", you are advised to have no expectation of privacy. Anytime you post content to this site consider it to be in 100% public view.

Anytime a user submits a recipe to Nerds Cook via the helpdesk as a suggestion for us to use in a video, we will give that user a "Shout-out" if their submission is used in a video. In time, we plan to compile a Nerds Cook - Cookbook. The user will also be given credit if their recipe is used there. If a user does not want to be named in the videos or cookbook all they have to do is state as much in their post. No other action is required on their part.

When using any social networking applications linked to this site you are also bound by their terms of use and privacy policies.

We are not responsible for content moderation of any content posted in locations that are non-public, this includes but is not limited to the private messaging system, the private forums, or the site based email system. You are encouraged to report any message that you feel to be inappropriate; or any messages by someone attempting to solicit products or services. Messages and files sent and received through the PMS are not openly accessible by the sites administration; in the event law enforcement requests access to this content with a warrant or court order, all efforts will be made in making this information available.

In the event the business Peachoid Media Group LLC and/or the site is purchased from its current owner the site in whole will be sold, this will include the users database; if such action occurs you will be presented with the opportunity to remove yourself from the site prior to the transfer.

We reserve the right to change or update this policy at any time without formal notice. It is highly recommended you check this page every-time you visit to check for changes.

Latest Update November 5th 2022.