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  • Peachoid Media Group (The Website)
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      • I can't sign up on the site?
        • User registration is not currently enabled on the site.
          After registration you must verify your email address by clicking a link that will be sent you. This email may be in your spam folder so please check there as well.
        • This site uses several systems for spam prevention, this includes at registration. If your email account has been flagged on one of these systems, you will not be able to register.
      • I am getting the error "You are not authorized to view this page!"
        • You are likely not logged-in, Example: You must be logged in to view user profiles.
        • You may be accessing a dead link. If the problem persists after verifying you are logged in and you have attempted to refresh the page, please contact the administration via the site's Support Ticket System 1.
        • You may be accessing a page that is restricted to a user-group with higher access viewing rights than your user group. If this is happening when trying to access a page you believe you should have access to, please contact the administration via the site's Support Ticket System.
      • On my profile I can make a blog post, but I cannot post an article.
        • Regular site members are able to make blog posts, and forum posts. Articles are content posted by the site staff (or partners). Regular user accounts do not have the permissions required by the site's content management system that would allow them post articles.

  • Peachoid Media Group (Business)
    • Let's cover some terms before I go into the details. The Site, Our Channels, and Partner Channels, all make up the Peachoid Media Group Network.
      Contributors: are users who have completed a signup process in order to get their account configured to where they can post their content in articles on the PMG site. These users are not a part of the Peachoid Media Group Network, but are welcome to use this site to network and showcase their creations.
      Our Partner Channels are completely independent from Peachoid Media Group from a financial standpoint. The respective channel owner gets all of the income generated by their channel on whatever platform in which they host their videos. They are not paying to be a partner either. Partner channels actively engage in the promotion and growth of the Peachoid Media Group Network.
      The Peachoid Media Group Network, is going to help develop all the channels, and the site This may be by providing workspace, equipment, instructional/how-to video and articles, assistance in production, ect. When the Partner Channels grow, they help grow the whole network, so it is a net gain for everyone; we will be doing all that we can, whenever we can to help out partners reach their goals.
      The Site and Our Channels, are: owned by Peachoid Media Group. Any monies made by them are subsequently paid to the business. The business then pays the host, guest hosts, and others that assist in the production of the content. The business also pays for workspace, equipment, utilities, ect.

    • Channels:
      • Active Channels:
        • Cross Cut Crafters
          • Making the Makers (Show Title):
            • Making the Makers, is a video series where I make items from patterns purchased from places like Etsy. These patterns are published by makers for use by other makers to create the physical products.

              There are currently four categories of work I am doing / plan to do. Those are Leather-craft, Rug Tufting, Tailoring / Seamstressing, and Wood Working.

              The patterns I use for this show have been purchased by me, or by one of my brothers. (I do not feel bad in the least about using a pattern I didn't buy when that pattern was purchased by someone using the same workshop; if we can use the same workshop, same tools, same material stock, there is no reason not to use the same patterns too. There is a cavoite to this that I will mention below).

              I currently have a small pile patterns that I have purchased, however, I would love for people to send me their patterns to use in videos, but there are some rules / guideline for doing so:

              1. Any patterns submitted must be sent via the site's helpdesk 1.
              2. You must own / have distribution rights to the pattern.
                • (If you are not the pattern creator / distributor) Do not send me a pattern you bought or acquired. This show is about me making the maker's creations. They make their money by selling these patterns, you sending me their patterns is basically theft as far as I am concerned. Note the exception clearly stated above.
              3. As a way to further monetize my content, when it comes to production scheduling, patterns that can purchased by following an affiliate link will get priority (unless the item is something I really really want to make). Another way to phrase this is as followed: Etsy, has an affiliate program. Any user can post affiliate links, should those links be followed and a purchase be made, PMG will get a percentage of the purchase price. If your patterns is published to a site that does not have an affiliate system those patterns will be lower down in the production que.
              4. Patterns that are not for sell at all, are welcome, but only if you are also granting me permission to make and sell the items without any other conditions. Explanation: John has made this pattern; John does not have this pattern for sell anywhere online, but would like his creation to be shown off. John sends me the pattern. I use the pattern to make an item on video. After the fact, I am going to a craft-event, and want to sell the item made from John's pattern. I can do so without any conditions, fees, or royalties paid to John going forward. 

              • If you are a pattern creator, and would like me to check out your shops, feel free to post about your shop in the forums. 
      • Inactive Channels: 
        • Chris's Vlogs
        • Bent Bolts
        • Gaming Zarek
        • Reading Reddit
        • Nerds Cook
          • Questions and Answers:
            • How do I submit recipes for use in videos?
              • After logging-in use the site's Support Ticket System to submit your recipes. Please idiot-proof your instructions.
            • Can I submit a recipe to be used in a video anonymously?
              • Go ahead and submit them through the site's Support Ticket System and include that you do not want your credit in the videos or cookbook.
      • Contributor Channels
        • Contributor Channels are independently owned and operated by the person creating the content on said channel. These users have the access control permissions to post their content to the forums; in time we will allow them to post articles to the site itself.
          • Becoming a Contributor Channel: 

            Any registered users who are authorized to use the forums are welcomed and encouraged to post their content. We ask that you promote the PMG site within your work to encourage your fan-base to visit and interact with you here as well as where-ever your content is published.

      • Partner Channels:
        • Partner channels are independently owned and operated by the person creating the content on said channel. They are of a similar mindset when it comes to collaborative efforts and mutually supporting the growth of other grouped channels and outlets.

          In essence, it is our hope that our partnership program will allow us to help a partner develop and grow their own channels and websites. Once developed, the partner will work in a collaborative manner to allow cross-promotion of their channels and the Peachoid Media Group Channels.

          In the near future it is our goal to be be able to provide partners with funds and equipment needed to take their production to a level beyond what they are current capable of. We also want to be able to provide studio space to produce in, this could be office, warehouse, or shop space depending on the needs of the partner.

          • Becoming a Partner Channel:
            At this time we are not accepting applications from the public for partnerships.

            We are currently working to establish our partnership program's policies, procedures and process.

            Below appears our "draft" process for onboarding a partner channel.

            • Complete the steps to be a Contributor Channel.
            • Interact with the PMG staff and community on a fairly regular basis.
            • Start referring users to the PMG website; encouraging the use of the forums.
            • Contact the staff via the Helpdesk and express your desire to become a partner channel.
    • Actively Seeking Sponsors: In no particular order, here is a list of some of the companies we would like to work with:
      • Tandy Leather or Weaver Leather Supply:
      • Fiebings: Leather finishes and dyes
      • Lowes: My local big box hardware store.
      • Ace Hardware: My local small box hardware store.
      • Home Depot: My next closest big box hardware store.
      • Dewalt: Currently all of my battery powered tools are your 20v Max line.
      • Rock Auto: I am a huge fan of your business model, and without being a sponsor, yall have already saved me a lot over my local parts houses when I can wait for shipping.
      • a source for Vinyl Plotters and associated supplies.
      • Ricoma: Sooner or later I will be buying an embroidery machine and Ricoma is who I have gotten a quote from. You guys aut to see what we can work out.
      • A Fuel Sponsor: QT, Kangaroo, or Pilot/Flying-J.

    • Questions and Answers:
      • I want to work for Peachoid Media Group.
        • At this time we are not accepting applications for employment.
    • Postscripts:
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Last Update Nov-21-2022 - This list is updated as needed.