Both in the video content produced by this site and any written content appearing on the site, certain standards of content are expected to be followed. Any user posting to this site are also required to follow the content guidelines. This list will be revised without formal notice as needed. Posting content prohibited by this list will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of user accounts and/or Partner status. "Posting" is defined as any content being added to the site. This includes but is not limited to: the forums, private message system, article comment system, profiles, wall, and blogs. Suspensions and restricting your ability to post content may be used at the administration's discursion prior to an outright ban of a user account. Last Update: November 27th 2022.

Adult Content: Any content considered to be Not Safe For Work (NSFW) is prohibited from being published on this site.

Adult Content Creators: Adult content creators are fully welcome here but there are some restrictions. You, the creator are not allowed to use this site to promote your adult rated business. You are not allowed to promote any goods or services you may provide, You are not allowed to post or link to any NSFW content. We recommend you use the same "name" you use to represent yourself and your brand online as the screenname you use on this site. If a user puts two and two together they will be able to figure out how to locate you on the sites where you want to be found. We see this site most often being used by adult content creators to get information on production techniques, lighting, cameras, picture and video editing, tech support, etc, and for if you are a fan of the content produced here.

Adult Language / Profanity: Use of adult language or profanity is not prohibited, but excessive use is discouraged. If a user posts profanity in excess, they will be contacted by the administration, and their posts will be edited or removed.

Adult-Product Creators: Some content creators may make adult-products as part of their video productions or for sell on sites like ETSY. While this site is very happy allow content related to the DIY process, such as silicon casting or leather working, we are not allowing the discussion or promotion of adult-products on the site itself. Any related content must be as close to G-Rated as possible. The site's administration will address this type of content on a case by case basis.

Animal Cruelty: The administration and partners are passionate about animals. Their "Fur-Babies" are often considered family not just pets. This site subsequently prohibits posting content related to animal abuse or neglect including posts to raise awareness. Exceptions will be made on a per-occurrence basis with administrative approval.

Copyrighted Material: This site routinely publishes copyrighted material of other content providers with permission of the creator there of. At times, the site will also publish content under "Fair Use" as defined in the Fair Use Policy without the permission of the original copyright holder. Any publishing of copyrighted material not covered by "Fair-Use" or without permission of the copyright holder is prohibited.

Flaming / Smearing / Shaming: We hope to aid in the development of other content creators, as such constructive criticism is expected. Say your comments and move on, any excessive (repeated) posting related to the content in which your are commenting on is prohibited. Example, if your comments make a writer no longer want to write, your comments are not needed and your account is subject to disciplinary action. Please keep in mind, this site is going to support the content creator AND you the commenter. If a creator is overly sensitive about constructive criticism, you, the creator, shouldn't be accepting comments on their content. Another example of prohibited posts in regard to this topic is, A user posts a video of something they have made, another user replies with, you're an idiot (and nothing more); that's prohibited. That is not constructive. If a user was doing something wrong or unsafe in your eyes in their video, it would be more beneficial to that user if you gave some details; its unsafe to operate a grinder like that, you should really have on some safety glasses.

Graphic Images/Video/Writings: Content intended to Shock the viewers is prohibited. One example: Chris/Zarek is a volunteer firefighter who often responds automotive wrecks, if he posted images of the accident with the patients still inside, this would be prohibited. Another example is based on another website the administrator is a member of; It was a motorcycle website; a user was in a wreck while wearing inappropriate footwear. The user posted an image of his foot following cleaning at the Emergency Room. This image basically showed the whole of the internal structure of the foot. This would be prohibited on the PMG site.

Politics: While this may drive off some of our potential users, please take note that this site is conservative in nature, and agree with many of the viewpoints of the right.

  1. Firstly, your "feelings" don't matter, we will not edit anything because of how it made you feel.
  2. We fully support free speech.
  3. We are Anti-Censorship.
  4. We believe that "Big-Tech's" attacks on conservative content creators are wrong.
  5. We back the blue.
  6. We believe ALL Lives Matter even the liberals'.
  7. We condemn all acts of physical violence, regardless of political affiliation or social justice standpoint.

All that being said, you are only allowed to post politics or political content on your profile wall, and personal blog. You are not permitted to post any political content to the forums. You may not send unsolicited political message via the site's private message system. Many people can become very impassioned when speaking about politics, political action, or political figures, as such political discussion is prohibited other than where listed above.

Pornography: Any content considered to be Not Safe For Work (NSFW) is prohibited from being published on this site. See Adult Content, listed above.

Racism: This site has a zero-tolerance policy for Racism of any kind. Posting content deemed to be racist by the administration will be removed and disciplinary action will be taken against the offender. If you feel content posted somewhere on this site to be racist in any way, please report to the administration for review.

Religion: Many people are passionate about their religion, and are very intent on "Spreading the Word". If a person's religion differ from your own, the passion possessed by either party can result in unfavorable content being posted, or inappropriate things being said. As such it is the policy of this site to prohibit the posting of religious content to the site. The only exception to this policy is to offer words of encouragement or "Thoughts and Prayers" where appropriate. Partner channels are allowed to publish religious based content to their respective channels but are prohibited from promoting said content directly on the site.

Violence: We condemn all acts of physical violence, regardless of political affiliation or social justice standpoint. The posting of violent content is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to, Calls to Action / Inciting Violence, Threats, Intimidation. This content as well as any information stored on or in your profile will be forwarded to the authority having jurisdiction and your account will subsequently locked pending investigation prior to permanently suspension.