On Wed Oct 26th at approx 1:30am eastern, we started upgrading the website from Joomla version 4 to version 5.

This process by the developers is intended to be a simple upgrade process, however we are doing a clean install to eliminate any issues from old code and old extensions. At this time we just completed the swap-over of the code-base and now we need to move the content over. Below you will see out task list of what we need to do.

  • Install New Version of Joomla (Completed)
  • Install Community Builder and CBSubs
  • Install Articles Anywhere (Extension that builds the news releases articles) (Completed)
  • Move all Articles (Completed)
  • Setup Menu Items (Complete)
  • Move all Images/Graphics (Completed)
  • Install Forums (Completed) 
  • Install Article Comment System
  • Install Feedback/Contact System
  • Publish Footer (Completed)
  • Update Amazon Affiliate Links

This upgrade is taking place while I am at my day-job; between job-tasks. So expect changes to occur slowly and without warning.